Friday, June 9, 2017

Inkheart [series]

     "Just in case things get boring,
I'm bringing a book"
     ~ Unkown

Title: Inkheart

#1. Inkheart
#2. Inkspell
#3. Inkdeath

Genre: Fantasy

Age group: 12 - 17

Author: Cornelia Funke

My opinion: Inkheart is a perfectly spectacular book full of mystery and magic, fantasy and courage. A great fantasy story that I think many will find compelling. The story follows main character Meggie and her father, as they take part in a story that quite literally comes alive. In this novel the storybook characters come to life, and to stop them Meggie must find her long lost mother and defeat the evils that haunt these pages before it is too late. Cornelia Funke is an extremely talented author, and she makes this story ever more enjoyable. I read Inkheart when I was in the sixth grade (age 12), though I will never forget what that story meant to me. For me it opened doors, and shed light into a world of literature that I had not seen before. Cornelia Funke has truly inspired me, and has been one of the reasons why I want to become a writer, for when I read her work I feel in the story itself. She perfectly weaves the characters in with the other world, and provides riveting detail and plot. The descriptions in this book is what makes it such a beautiful novel, and I encourage anyone who enjoys fantasy to give this a try. I have not yet read Inkspell or Inkdeath, though if they are half as wonderful as Inkheart you will love them. This is a stunning book, and I have deep appreciation for it tells.

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