Sunday, March 22, 2015

Canterwood Crest [series]

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        ~Elinor (Inkheart)

Title: Canterwood Crest [series]

#1. Canterwood Crest: take the reins

#2. Canterwood Crest: chasing blue

#3. Canterwood Crest: triple fault

#4. Canterwood Crest: best enemies

#5. Canterwood Crest: little white lies

#6. Canterwood Crest: home sweet drama

#7. Canterwood Crest: city secrets

#8. Canterwood Crest: elite ambition

#9. Canterwood Crest: scandals, rumors, lies

#10. Canterwood Crest: unfriendly competition

Genre: teenage drama as well as gives information about horseback riding

Age Group: 11 - 15

Author: Jessica Burkhart

My Opinion:

                I really enjoyed reading this series. It is about the drama that goes on between teenage girls while at boarding school. There is also a ton of horseback riding information and scenes, for the main character has a passion horseback riding. She goes to a prestigious boarding school in the hopes to qualify for a special horseback riding team, and along the way encounters many obstacles; friend problems and mean queen bees. I especially love how much main character Sasha Silver is bonded with her horse, Charm. The affection shown between the two is a main theme in the story and is admirable. I believe that people who enjoy the drama genre would really enjoy reading this series, and watching Sasha's character evolve as the series progresses. I had a fantastic time reading  this incredibly immense and fun - filled series and I hope that you will as well!

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